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That's because their parents saw the @theSNP sick grooming questionnaire. Why does asking a young Scot if they've had anal sex merit you free transport? #snpgroomers #snpsexpests #snppaedophiles
Has she condemned the #SNPSexPests? Or has she made excuses for them? 馃馃馃
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Strange post from an snp supporter who's own MPs, members and supporters have been hounding and threatening Gradys victim. #ScottishNonceParty #SnpSexPests #IgnoreSturgeon #NotACult
Why are sexual predators Patrick Grady and Jordan Linden still active members of @theSNP ? Why does @theSNP not only tolerate their predatory behaviour but also try to suppress media coverage of it?
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From @Mercurius_Scot . @thesnp coverning up for sex pests, colluding to support the perpetrator whilst ostracising the victim. And @ScotGovFM knew. Don't let this slip into obscurity. A price must be paid. Lessons actually learned #ResignBlackford #ResignGrady #SNPSexPests
SNP cover up sexual harassment again!! SNP protect Sex Pest Grady & keep him in the party knowing he preyed on a young lad that worked for the SNP. #ResignSturgeon #ResignBlackford #ResignGrady
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Agree with Liz! That other one, is an attention seeker! Unless it involved an clothes iron in a hotel and a #superinjunction #TheBalmoralHotelIncident hasn鈥檛 gone away! #SNPSexPests
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But I live in 馃彺鬆仹鬆仮鬆伋鬆仯鬆伌鬆伩 not England 馃し鈥嶁檪锔 it's always Westminsters fault with you lot 馃う鈥嶁檪锔 wake up ffs #snpout #snpsexpests
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STURGEONs SNP ... It simply isn't a safe place to work! #ResignSturgeon #SNPSexPests #ScottishIndependence2023
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Down by 9! Yes NINE! FFS! That鈥檚 pathetic and you, @NicolaSturgeon and @HumzaYousaf know that鈥檚 pathetic! #Scotland Better for dying from drug abuse, better for being crap at building ships! Scotland is finished under #thesnp #SNPSexPests #ResignSturgeon
Today鈥檚 Scottish News 鈥楬ighlights鈥 鈥 #DrugDeaths #SNPSexPests #SNHSChaos #FerryFiasco #GuptaScandal #FailingEducation But let鈥檚 have 鈥 #PretendyRef Sturgeon and her corrupt cabal are ruining Scotland. #ResignSturgeon
Another sex pest in your party @NicolaSturgeon. Is it an @theSNP entry requirement? #SNPSexPests #SexPestsForIndy
Tonight鈥檚 @STVNews 鈥榬eporting鈥 on everything from trendy tartan garb to Marcus Rashford鈥檚 love of The Beano, yet not a single mention of this disgrace. Astonishing. SNP council boss Jordan Linden quits after sexual harassment claim鈥
Yes he has done the right thing鈥 but the big story is how @theSNP approached initial media reporting of this issue..bullying them with formal complaint says it all about their attitude to their atrocious sexual behaviour #snpsexpests #whatvictim #nothingtoseehere
BREAKING: North Lanarkshire Council leader Jordan Linden resigns after being accused of sexual harassment