Tamil Nadu BJP Chief @annamalai_k predicts a Maharashtra repeat in Tamil Nadu, says the Stalin govt won’t complete its term. Watch the full interview: bit.ly/3OXuCiC #ITVideo #TamilNadu @Akshita_N

Jul 6, 2022 · 7:14 AM UTC

தொட்டு பார் உனது முடிவுரை எழுதப்படும்
Ipovara onum pana mudila. Idhula mudivura eludhura moonja paru. Siripu katama orama poda
So when ED raid start in TN. Who is next CM.
We predict kiara advani repeat with him 😹
This will enthrall the TN MLA’s quite a bit. Lots of bucks around the corner. Suggest they keep their demands higher than Maharashtra. Normally it’s easily workable to achieve a better price once it’s done elsewhere. 200cr per MLA should be easily achievable for the horse traders
He was an EX IPS who examines Horse trading in Karnataka favour of BJP in 2019 Mama Vela pakradhuku 4 Peru urine kudikalam @annamalai_k Yesterday you protest against DMK government Why can't you protest for LPG Cylinder hike Rs 50 against BJP Ondriya Arasu
Wow. This is some bold prediction!
Guy has confidence on BJP s buying power....