If TMC is not doing cosmetic opposition to Mahua Moitra's statement then they must take action (against her): @Shehzad_Ind, BJP spokesperson. TMC spokesperson @DrShashiPanja hits back. #Kaali #ITVideo #News

Jul 6, 2022 · 6:21 AM UTC

TMC can not justify their inaction against Mahua if they want to justify their action against Nupur ! You can not have your cake and eat it too ! Only yesterday mamta was shouting 'arrest nupur' ....And quiet today on derogatory remarks on Ma Kaali!
हिंदू ही हैं जो चुप रहता है नही तो इनके गले कबके कट जाते अगर किसी और के लिए बोलते तो
What hits backl? She was vague and ridiculous . She did not answer the question and was rude
Brilliant from Shehzad,he firmly put the TMC spokesperson in her spot